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eddy and doudou

eddy and doudou

passTRESpass has been a wonderful whirlwind, the marketplace as a space for exchange, learning and listening- I am still reeling from the experience. 


our cast grew immensely during our time together- each individual honing their offering until the final performance. their solos brought tears to my eyes. one of our Afghans originally needed to hide in the dark part of the room–he was so shy and suddenly in the performance it was like he was on fire, channeling his story- sharing his escape, expressing what he couldn’t express in words. another dancer- who danced during the Communist regime in Albania learned to improvise a duet with an amazing man from Senegal. each dancer found their way in the score and surprised us with their generosity and commitment. And now we wonder, what is next for them, will they get caught by the bureaucratic broom of the right wing?  Our mobility stands in contrast with their predicaments.

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