the modern dance awareness society

dance dance everywhere

note from despina

—-I want I want I want

I desire

good boots -flexible, bouncy

               hot hot hot

good dancing boots in all the colors of the rainbow

before I hang my dancing shoes to


I will have my fill of good good boots.—-


the power of dance lies in consciousness of the body. embodied experience. conscious embodied experience.

still inspired by the grace of the  human body in motion  and how it relates and interacts with its environment and other bodies, the way it expresses physical truths, poetic metaphors….. i just like to dance…space inspires me, ideas, games, friends.

this body -aesthetic, athletic, virtuosic–the flexible vessel that carries us through our personal  odyssey … the amazing container  of our experience…. -expanding and gathering, releasing, producing etc.

how does it fit into the structures we devise…how does it express its physicality in the contexts that we  hatch?

especially satisfying …nourishing are our exchanges with each other, people we encounter, creatures, fellow artists…serendipitous connections weaving a gossamer blanket of good will and warm-blooded connection, the sizzle of exchange.

4 thoughts on “note from despina

  1. You are beautiful and you totally Rock!

  2. wonderful words…!

  3. hi despina
    It has been forever, new life, great loves, joyfull that you are dancing.

  4. I love boots… they are so hawt

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