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somaphrase 2013



dancing the translation   

a unique somatic /workshop and site specific dance investigation on the island of Andros, Greece

site =body+ natural environment + cultural/ history

July  2013

Once called Hydroussa for its abundant fresh water, Andros is an elegant, tradition-soaked island just two hours from Athens. The island is delicately suspended between an ancient and a modern sophistication. There are no Starbucks in Andros, yet there is a world class art museum and one of Europe’s oldest archeological finds.

Inspired by this island of my origin -with its mix of Cycladic and Venetian architecture, the raw and rugged beauty of the landscape, the local culture and ancient mythology, we will  dance lightly scored improvisations  in magnificent daily locations.


Together we will dance :

the waterfall, the Venitian fort, on stairways, passages, balconies, in the sea and in the villages, with others and for ourselves!

I look forward to meeting you in play and collaboration,


Thanks to the wonderful production assistance of Virginia Doukissa, we have a home base in Fallika.

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