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performance in Athens

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July 4 and 5 at 9pm  pre-show installation at 8:30

Kypseli Municipal Agora- Fokinionos Negri 42

entrance is free

This work will be performed in conjunction with the performance installation created by Aliki Germanou

                                                                                                                                                                                                “ fates”

performed by Niki Hatzivasiliathou, Maria Daskalaki and Efi Alevisou

and Dimitri Halazis’s  “Entaphsiasmos”

passTRESpass is

instigated by Despina Sophia Stamos in collaboration with Wen-shuan Yang, Panagiotis Andronikidis, Jill Woodward, Alice Klugherz and the performers: Lauretta Macauley, Marie Sankoh, Fatima Sankoh, Tapha Diaw, Doudou Gueye, Papa Loum, Kozeta Myzequari, Abdoul Houssain Nazari, Diarno Sanghott, Gloria Strutioth, Alphonso Thiaby, Eddy Waziri, Mirza Yousefi and the generous assistance of Konstantina Panagou, Dimitrios Chalatsis

music composed by Vassilis Mitropoulos

viola duet performed by Edward Malave and Lena Tsaklagkanou

sound collage created by Wen-Shuan Yang

video collage created by Jill Woodward

costumes and props Alice Klugherz

this project was conceived as a collaboration of many artists, activists and community members.

A purpose of the work is to pose questions regarding how we negotiate boundaries on the different levels; human relationships, physical space, and cultural practices. As we are confronted with each other’s cultures, how can we successfully co-exist and flourish? What do we carry with us? What do we leave behind and how does that effect our environment?

Enormous thanks to the Kypseli Market community, the African Womens’ Organization,  Eugenia Tzitzilaki, all the participating artists and all the generous donors who have made this show possible!



 Lauretta Macauley – Originally from Sierra Leone, Lauretta left her home and family in order to escape the conditions of deprivation that were present under the single party rule of Siaka Stevens. She has been living in Greece since 1982. Lauretta has worked for many years with elderly Greeks. In 2006 she co-founded the United African Women of Greece, an organization that fights for the rights of African immigrants.

Marie and Fatima Sankoh’s parents escaped conditions in Sierra Leone to provide a decent life for their children. Both girls were born in Athens and excel in school. Officially they are not citizens of Greece or Sierra Leone.

Tapha Diaw,  Doudou Gueye,  Papa Loum and Alphonso Thiaby are from Senegal. Doudou has observed that people from economically deprived countries are called immigrants whereas all others are considered tourists. Papa is in favor of a world with no borders and no papers. Alphonso has been sponsored by a Greek employer. He has lived in Athens for four years and speaks fluent Greek.

Abdoul Houssain Nazari and Mirza Yousefi are from Afganistan. As a child, Abdoul lost his mother when his house was bombed, escaped a massacre, and lived in Iran for 11 years. He’s been separated from his family since his escape . He and Mirza work hard in construction.

Kozeta Myzequari left Albania when the Iron Curtain collapsed, as her economic and social world crumbled. She has lived here for 19 years and her Greek is fluent.

 Diarno Sanghott is from Mauritania where about 20% of the population live on less than US$ 1.25 per day. He is interested in integrating into Greek society.

Gloria Strutioth was born here in Greece. Her family is from Albania. She and Marie Sankoh are best friends.

Eddy Waziri is from Tanzania. He believes in equal rights for all people.

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