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workshop details

Practice co-creation in an island village in Greece

Unfold creating composition in  site specific environments

Deepen skills in research, composition and improvisation including:

site exercises, moment work and body-mind centering techniques.

Facilitators: Despina Sophia Stamos  and Panagiotis Andronikidis 

This workshop is open to 15 somatic/performing artists wishing to deepen their understanding of site-specific work that engages the local community, as well as those exploring dance for therapeutic and recreational reasons.

SCHEDULE July 1-7, 2013

We will meet each other as fellow explorers in art and culture. We will rehearse both in at the community center which has old stone floors and on site-by the Venitian Fort, the fountains and the footpaths as conditions permit. We will be choosing the exact site locations during the workshop.

9-11 am:    Each day, we begin with somatic warmups and mindfulness practices such as yoga, chi-gung, warm-up scores, walking meditations

11:15-1pm:   We will meet each other as performers through a group improvisation score. This time will be used daily to conduct movement explorations on site

There will be a break from 1-5 for beach, lunch and your own time.

6pm- 9pm:   more site improv and small daily performances!

Our process will include somatic work drawn from yoga, chi-gung and dance improvisation to deepen into our body state. We will practice working with the elements of dance- making: time, space, shape and effort to expand our movement choices. Building further toward composition, we will delve into rhythm and duration, topography, expressive and behavioral gesture, kinesthetic response, spatial relationship and architecture. Through the thourough exploration of these elements we will devise improvised performances incorporating stories and histories of the people we meet and the places we visit.

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