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this past week has been intense. we visited a building that these newly arrived immigrants are squating in omonia. the space is palatial but very smelly due to lack of bathroom facilities. the immigrants, from palastine and morocco showed us around. they are concerned because the police come in and cause all sorts of havoc, including taking all the immigrants valuables–money, cell phones, etc.

the immigrants situation was the topic of much discussion in the news. locals were complaining about the situation downtown and the government has responded by making an “operation broom” as they call it. they are arresting and detaining people regardless of their legality. there is talk of making a refugee/immigrant camp out of old army barracks. we are crossing our fingers that our friends have not been caught in the sweep.

the work of the men and women we have been working with has been about dehumanization and the lack of human rights that the new refugees suffer from. more news soon! we will upload more pics when we get to an internet cafe! xoxo hope all is well! d

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