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  Despina Stamos, Storme Sundberg, Andrew Suseno and Scott Lyons
7:30 Monday eve.
11 am , 1:30 pm  Tuesday
11 am  1:30pm Wednesday
7:30 Thursday eve. 10 am Friday
at Chashama window space 
266 w 37th st.
TRESpass is provoked by current global border disputes and the study of proxemics. Proxemics is a term coined by Edward T. Hall in 1966 for the inter-related observations and theories of spatial use. Curiousity is an investment that drives us beyond the familiar: familiar ideas, familiar relationships, familiar bodies and a familiar world. But as we all increasingly know, more of the same will not work, we need change. TRESpass is an offering to invest in change in ourselves in the way we perceive, participate and ask questions. Audience members, passerbyers and dancers will engage in a new kind of dialogue integrating language, movement and genuine intention. 

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