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update from kipseli

this past week has been intense. we visited a building that these newly arrived immigrants are squating in omonia. the space is palatial but very smelly due to lack of bathroom facilities. the immigrants, from palastine and morocco showed us around. they are concerned because the police come in and cause all sorts of havoc, including taking all the immigrants valuables–money, cell phones, etc.

the immigrants situation was the topic of much discussion in the news. locals were complaining about the situation downtown and the government has responded by making an “operation broom” as they call it. they are arresting and detaining people regardless of their legality. there is talk of making a refugee/immigrant camp out of old army barracks. we are crossing our fingers that our friends have not been caught in the sweep.

the work of the men and women we have been working with has been about dehumanization and the lack of human rights that the new refugees suffer from. more news soon! we will upload more pics when we get to an internet cafe! xoxo hope all is well! d

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passTRESpass week 1

We spent our first week in Athens doing outreach to recruit performers for our project. We had already primed the pump before leaving New York but of course we have to make our case in person. We attended a meeting of the United African Women’s Organization and also connected with Konstantina who teaches Greek language to immigrants. Our first sessions with the immigrants and local artists start tonight. By the way, look for passTRESpass 2009 on Facebook.

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athens, july 2009

passTRESpass is an interactive, roving, movement installation that addresses migration, home and borders. What and where is home? Where do we feel safe?

A purpose of the work is to pose questions regarding how we negotiate boundaries on the different levels; human relationships, physical space, and cultural practices.Participants will explore movement vocabulary with an emphasis on excavating and physicalizing particular psycho-geographies – personal stories and communal histories. As we are confronted with each other’s cultures, how can we successfully co-exist and flourish? What do we carry with us? What do we leave behind and how does that effect our environment?

As kinetic organisms moving about on a planet shrinking from population density and technological advances, we are colliding faster and harder; realities intersecting, borders shift. As the ground shifts, how do we make sense of where the pieces fall? How do we choose to rearrange them?


We are interested in working with approximately 10-15 participants, preferably a diverse group of immigrants and locals who can commit to a two week rehearsal process – likely 4 3hr rehearsals a week — and one or two performances. This work will be performed in and around the Kipseli Market. A video of the work will be presented at the 23rd World Congress on Dance Research in Spain in mid July 2009. The performance will probably be on the weekend. We are thinking of this as an opportunity to broaden the dialogue by inviting a different audience to see the work and an opportunity to show and hear the real human stories behind the immigration statistics.

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Masquerade Ball

The modern dance awareness society will be performing through out the evening and into the New Year at the Rubulad Ball!

 Join Abigail Levine and myself in the starlit lounge tent as we find corners waiting for dances.


Last chance to dance!

Rubulad presents:

The End of an Error – A New Year’s Masquerade Ball

 Ring out the old… ring in the new!

 Weds. Dec 31st

live bands: Flaming Fire I Love You Airlines The Creaky Boards with your DJ / Soundman Cody

DJs: DJ Shakey Pork Chop Mike Simonetti

Special surprise DJs brought to you by $mall ¢hange

 in the Cabaret Room:

Anna Copacabana Viva, Mary Feaster and Friends Jessica Delfino with your DJ / Soundman Greything

 in the Starlight Lounge

G. Scopitronic’s Non-Stop Film Fest

Modern Dance Awareness Society

Yummy Dub Pies and hot cider

Doors 10:00 pm; show 11:00 pm

20 beans for Dressy Bessies and Masked Marvels –

Thirty beans if you can’t even be bothered to dress up at all on New Year’s Eve!

10:00 pm doors; 11:00 pm show

20 beans before 11:00, in costume, or way late; 30 otherwise.


Rubulad Home Base: 338 Flushing Ave., bet. Classon & Taaffee 
L train to Bedford Avenue> B61 bus on Driggs to Flushing Ave (10 
mins)> left under BQE> Rubulad’s on your right just past the gas 
station *OR* J / M / Z to Marcy Ave> walk along BQE> left under BQE 
at Flushing. 

Or G Train to Classon, walk on Classon to Flushing 

Note: The B61 bus runs from Greenpoint to Red Hook through Dumbo and Downtown Brooklyn. The B57 bus will take you to and from Bushwick, fast. 

You can help us continue to have a Rubulad in this space by being quiet coming and going, staying inside the space during the event and not pissing all over the sidewalk as soon as you get around the corner – which, incidentally, does attract the police and they will write you a summons. 

The less our neighbors have to complain about, the more fun we can have.