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Auction 2019 to support our Refugees Project- Bid in the comments below and it will be (hopefully) yours!!! Mention the artist name to bid!!! xoxo

Dana Albany “Queen of Hearts”
mosaic heart, collage

Dana Albany is a multi-disciplinary visual artist who has been exhibiting her work in San Francisco for over 20 yrs. Her art work embodies the creative use of a vast array of new and diverse materials. Most often, her work emerges from a mixed palate of recycled and discarded materials that are either symbolically representative as a whole concept or evoke new meaning by transforming materials out of their original context.
I am in awe of nature, the world, how things exist and change. I am deeply driven by the desire to learn more about the exact composition of all things – from the innate to the living.
Dana has created a distinctive and unique body of independent sculptures displayed at several San Francisco public buildings, museums, and galleries.
She has worked on the grandest scale to the very minute, collaborating on 12 permanent public art installations in San Francisco, Seattle, Sacramento, Emeryville and Palo Alto, as well as creating 7 large scale installations that have traveled to various festivals.
She was Artist-in-Residence at Recology and continues to make things for them at city cultural events on a yearly basis.

Watercolor Yellow thoughts.
Starting Bid $50, Value $300

Lesley A. Powell has been an artist all of her life. She was first a dancer, choreographer and now a painter. The love of movement, space, texture, the body, color and nature are major influences on her art. Lesley’s art deals with the ability to expressively change the space, whether it be the stage or the painting.

Lesley’s art journey ranges from watercolors, oils and collages. Working on the canvas is now the stage for movement, line, color, texture and expression. Her work has been presented throughout the tri-state area as well as her anatomy paintings on Pilates Anytime and FusionPilates Edu.
Rolando Politi a.k.a. Recycle and Pray
original one of a kind
starting bid $70 – Value $1000

Materials: mixed media, reclaimed discarded cookie tin box. nuts and bolts industrial.
Art Category: outsider, gleaning, up cycle
Style: drag queen, trans, eccentric
Made by Recycle and Pray 1999

BIO : google search under: rolando politi, recycle and pray. kappo kappino, trash worship.

Rolando Politi makes art out of trash. And he wants you to join him. For the last year, the  Italian-born anarchist has taken a bucket of tools and some raw materials to gardens, block parties, raves, and all sorts of strange events. He usually sets up in a corner with a few collaborators and goes about transforming the space. Often, partygoers will come over to see what he’s doing and end up pitching in — making costumes, party favors, or temporary decorations.

Politi started his group Trash Worship years ago, but he’s been working with trash, making art, and refurbishing buildings for more almost  40 years. He’s a longtime activist and an old-school squatter who tried to keep the Lower East Side from transforming into the East Village.

David Normal“Torture Garden”
Bid starts at $200 – Value $1,000
The Illuminations are custom  lightboxes that I have developed as a means of having my own unique style of displaying my work.  An Illumination is an “edge-lit” lightbox (as opposed to the more traditional “backlit” lightbox).  

Using LED light strips that are encased in the frame, and a special type of acrylic sheet designed for edge lighting, my Illuminations have much in common with many types of light displays that are commonly encountered in everyday life.  Anytime you go through a drive-thru, wait at a bus stop, or even look at a computer monitor you are seeing something similar to one of my Illuminations. However, many people find the Illuminations novel and unlike such common devices, and I think this is because of the shift of context.  My Illuminations do not display fast food menus or advertisements, rather they are elegantly framed art pieces and somehow that change of content and context is enough to make them seem quite novel even though the technology is nothing terribly exotic.

Additionally the Illuminations are double-sided lightboxes that display mirror image prints on both sides – an effect I call 2.5D since the 2D images take on an almost sculptural aspect when regarded from all directions.  The pieces are designed to constitute a comprehensive installation, and on this page you may find images of my most ambitious presentation to date, as well as links to past shows.
Essential (so far) to an Illuminations exhibit is that the pieces hang in space, and break with the tradition of presenting art on the walls.  I always loved Rod Serling’s “Night Gallery” as a child, and the intro fascinated me, and, evidently, strongly influenced me.

Technically and conceptually the Illuminations are an evolving art form.  A hybrid of painting techniques and large format printing, as well as style and scale of installation. As my vision and skill develops I am exploring various techniques such as painting directly over large format prints to create completely original pieces (so far what has been exhibited has been illuminated reproductions of paintings).  Additionally, these techniques may expand to encompass projection art, live painting, and also various 3D geometric forms.

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